Shokuiku 食育

I love to eat my fruit and veg (not only as a health pledge).  
I went to this place on High Street, Northcote, where health nor deliciousness would be forfeit. 
It’s based on raw and vegan fare, all the colours of the rainbow and superfoods were everywhere!

I’d just got off the plane so I needed to eat well, I felt so blergh I almost had a dizzy spell.

First, I ordered a pressed Green Juice with “The Greens of the day”, and out came a concoction that erased my malaise

For lunch, I decided to get a veggie wrap thing, it had heaps of beetroot and other yummy fillings.

I was already super full but dessert is always necessary, which was a raw, chocolate peanut butter cream fudge delicacy.

Overall what do I think? I’m in love with this place!
It’s called Shokuiku so please go for a taste!


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