Vegan Caramelty Scrollos

Decided I’d experiment
and crush my craving predicament
Cinnabuns were on my mind
and caramel not far behind

So burst forth this mind explosion
I’ll make cinnabuns! (my own version)
Thought I had what was needed
Did notΒ look up a proper method

Annoyingly, the biggest thing…
Was that I had noΒ rolling pin!!!
Therefore, I couldn’t roll the dough as thin

In the end, it was ok
But not the best, I gotta say
But they’re sweet, sticky and gooey
Nutty and super caramelly

The pizza dough, I guess was aight
Because the flour wasn’t right
Used wholemeal to make it healthy
Wasn’t the right consistency

I reckon still, I learnt a lot
Next time, gotta check for what I’ve got!

Just because it looks like shit
Doesn’t mean it tastes like it! (hopefully…)


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