Johnny Dante

After some hours of exhaustive shopping
because of all the frantic store hopping

we found ourselves overly famished
and needed to charge, reboot and replenish

So down to Charman road we went
on food, our minds were hell bent

Nay said this cafe was good for sandwiches
but obviously there were other choices

The server we had looked like Caz’s mum
She was the splitting image but probably German

To drink, Nay had a strawberry milkshake,
the colour and sweetness were deliciously fake
I had an iced latte, as I always do
Can’t keep away from a good old, cold brew

For food Nay got a roasted veggie panino
The choices are limited if you’re a vego

I got a steak sanger with bacon and cheese
I could’ve eaten a bazillion of these!

But lucky there was just the one
Because afterwards I was completely done

I also got a boost juice that day
I guess it was only, kind of ok…


I think it was because it didn’t quite blend
Chunks of green stuff remained at the end


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