Narita to Brisbane then on to Melbourne

This is another documentary of eats
This time eaten aboard the Qantas Fleet

These flights were flown in December 2015
and the meal system changed from what I’d last seen

On the way up from Narita to Brisbane
departure was delayed, hence so was our eatin’

Always without fail, I’d get the western option
I always want to eat what in Japan wasn’t common

Mushroom cream sauce smothered the chicken
with a tomatoey penne that was a bit mushy when bitten

Chicken and Penne – looks alright eh?

overall, I think it was almost a winner
this super Aussie, (perhaps overcooked) chicken dinner

For breakie I got a fruit platter
Delicious and refreshing but more would’ve been better!

Wish my fruit platter was fatter

Flew on the new Airbus fleet, did I mention?
I had two seats to myself (such good fortune!)

On my way back at the end of December
The flight was packed, but I knew a fellow traveller

Lunch was good, but the portion was HUGE
roast chicken was dunked in a farro deluge 

Dessert was the best, after this cold salad
‘Twas chocolate mousse with salted caramel slathered

Later in the flight I fell into a dream
and apparently I missed the icecream 

Round about 4ish they had another snack
It was a teeny weenie hotdog and slider pack

Still feelin’ real hood and gettin’ my crunk on.


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