Chiles Mexican Grill

Hidden away down an alley
Off the main street of Takeshita Dori
You’ll find a tiny eatery
That serves all kinds of yummy mexi

Decided to check it out
To see what all the fuss is about

Ordered a few things to eat
Didn’t wanna miss a flavour beat

Got some guac and tortilla chips
The chips looked handmade and were super crisp
The guac was good but a bit oniony
and perhaps could’ve been more lemony

Chips and Guac hit the spot


Then couldn’t pass up a burrito
Chock a block with chicken adobo
Got to choose heaps of add-ins
like lime rice, cheese and black beans
Loved the burrito, it was ace
Great mix of flavours and loved the taste

Lastly, got some quesadillas
With cheese, sauces and veggie fillers

Overall it was quite good, 
(Good selection of beers if you like to drink too)



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