The Smiley Face Pizza Place

It was a weird story, but here it goes
I had to fix my friend’s vacuum cleaner woes

With that in mind, we met up after work
then we got pizza – another perk!

This restaurant was in the station, ‘Asaka’ that is
Italian was the go after a ‘what do you feel like?’ quiz

The pizza I got was a winter vegetable special
It came with renkon, eggplant, cheese, tomato and basil

Randomly found a corn kernel in one slice
lodged away, but surprisingly nice

My friend wanted meat and there weren’t many options
unless he would eat nondescript meat with onions

So he went for ‘Genovese’
Which actually was tiny seafood mix and pesto, maybe?

“Genovese” – A pesto based pizza adorned with seafood mix. (We didn’t arrange it into a smiley face) – totally legit!

Overall it was delish,
except the seafood was like a tiny blemish

Couldn’t fix the vac in the end
but at least I got to eat pizza with my friend!

By the way it’s called “Olive Tree”
(In case you ever wanna go and see!)


6 thoughts on “The Smiley Face Pizza Place

  1. Aw Japanese pizza is always so creative! In North America, it’s always the same old thing…pepperoni, ham and cheese, Hawaiian, veggie, or meat lovers. That’s pretty much all. I’ve got to get pizza in Japan some time 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Elle! Thanks for stopping by!
      Haha definitely do give it a try!
      Although be careful,
      you might get an odd mouthful,
      like seaweed, caviar, broccoli or corn!
      Or maybe even get stuck with all four! 😋
      Are you on holidays or an expat here?
      Either way, Japan is a fun, quirky and delicious frontier! 😊


      1. Haha I’ve tried corn and mayonnaise pizza before. It was strange at first…but not so bad! Seaweed pizza though, that would be very different!
        I’m visiting family in Japan, but I hope to work and live in Japan in the very near future. It’s such a fun country 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I know! I got yakisoba the other day and it came with a packet of mayo. I was like…who puts mayo on noodles?! XD
        Yeah, I’m half so I have relatives in Japan, but the culture is still very foreign to me. So thanks, I’ll be sure to ask when things get too confusing! haha 😛


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