Doughnuts found at Good Town!

Upon recommendation from a friend of mine
who happened upon this doughnut find

We craved coffee and heaps of doughnuts
and imagined doughiness covered in chocolate

We went for a wander down Harajuku way
for some afternoon tea on a chilly but sunny day

The four of us have a standing food date
Foodies are always the best kinds of mates

Down to Good Town Doughnuts we popped
With so many choices, we just couldn’t stop

Guamie got the maple bacon
Jess went for the Sicilian lemon
Bridgey the Van Houten Cocoa
and obvs for me Passionfruit was the go

The doughnuts come on wood block plates
which are sure to up your Insta rate

Available for sale!

The coffee was also aesthetically pleasing
The mason jars and latte art was endearing

Head on down there for your doughnut fix
The Passionfruit was the best of the pick!


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