Fashionfruit Friday

Wanting to up my hair game
because I always style it exactly the same

Tried the hot new styling trick
for “it girl” hair withΒ quirky kinks

(Just so you know, they’re called “Scandi-waves“)
Think of all the time you’ll save!

It leaves hair flat and not tooΒ froofy
but still wavy so you don’t look goofy

My one of a kind GHD flat iron

In my books, flannel is a winner
as we’re in the midst of winter

Also I guess I’m a bit of a bogan
(another reason flannel was chosen)


3 thoughts on “Fashionfruit Friday

    1. Haha I’m not sure what the Canadian equivalent of a bogan is.
      But my Canadifriend said they live out in the “Boonies?”
      Always happy to drop some knowledge, and teach you more Aussie slang and wordage!


      1. Ahh it’s an Australian word isn’t it! I love learning about other English dialects and slang! Yeah, some people here say they live “out in the boonies” or “out in the sticks”. That just means a rural place, far from the city. “Boonies” is short for “boondocks”, which refers to the back country, or backwoods, or a desolate wild land. πŸ™‚


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