Cafe Hohokam

Tokyo is home to burgers galore
There’s not enough time or meals to explore

But here I’ve written another review
of a burger place we JET’s went to

The burger bash was for Bridgey’s birthday
This Bristolian was becoming ‘Christmas Cake’

Just off the end of Takeshita Dori
Hohokam is up on the second storey

As long as I live, I could never not order
a burger with avo, pineapple and mozza

Also, this beauty came with fat chips
Nothing but deliciousness at my fingertips

For us, dessert is always a definite
The array was endless but we got the best of it

I got a chocolate brownie but I also wanted apple pie
So Jess and I got both, then split it, so we could both try

The pie was good but the pastry wasn’t the best
The brownie was moist, rich and completely flawless

Made this cake for Bridgey’s big day
Orange cake, marshmallow icing with a lolly overlay

It can be described as “Diabetes in a box”
Eating it has far more sugar than pop rocks

Ugly as hell but it’s a bit funny
there’s no artificial colour in the gummies

Bridgey’s Birthday Burger Bunch





Obvs we ended the night with a picture
It’s important to document our time together


10 thoughts on “Cafe Hohokam

      1. Hahaha I love how you rhyme everything. It’s hilarious! But yeah, fruit on burgers sounds pretty fantastic. I want to go to Australia now… 😀


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