Japanentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day in Japan is a gas
The tradition here is flipped on it’s ass

Basically, rather than treating your girl
as they would do in other parts of the world

The girl has to give the guy chocolates
(AND) all the other guys in her life also profit

These are called “Giri choco”(ギリチョコ), and basically they say
Thanks (or no thanks) for being present in whatever way

So here I was baking up a storm
Various cupcakes for my adolescent school swarm

Batch one and two were orange flavored
Batch three and four had acai but became different coloured?

But the good news is, that on March 14
It’s White Day in Japan, so the girls cash in!

Whatever is given to you on V Day
Men must (in value) 3 FOLD reciprocate!

Obvs don’t want anything from the kids
I just want them to be happy and save their quid!


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