Top Secret Cafe

Not so secret is this eatery
You can actually find it quite easily

Went there for dinner with dear Shio
My foodie friend from Melbs also

Apparently for lunch, they also have burgers?
but we went for dinner, so it was only pasta orders

Shio and her Ragu

Shio got a Spaghetti Ragu,
I’d had pasta overload so I needed something new

This Caesar was a pleaser!

Ended up going with Caesar salad,
with grilled chicken, it was thoroughly padded

Closer salad inspection

After dinner – was obvs dessert!
They’re famous for pancakes, (or so I’ve heard)

In Japan, pancakes are smothered in cream
If it’s legit-it’s great, but if it’s mock, I’ll scream!


So I opted for the chocolate fudge cake
The waiter promised it to be as dense as a thick shake

Dense and molten – as promised

Shio went for the Tiramisu
In keeping with her Italian themed Ragu

Shio’s Tiramisu somewhere in the background! 😛

I’ll order pancakes, next time we go
Souffle pancakes, smothered with REAL cream for SHO!


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