Japan Pringle Mingle

Japan is known for limited edish everything
and funky flavoured, fun, food flings

Party Chicken Flavour?!

Winter 2016 brings you a Pringles version!
I’m not one for chips, but these chips beckon

JalapeΓ±o x French Onion Dip x Pizza x BBQ! (Orange was ConsommΓ© I believe)

The funny flavours are inventive and weird
Culturally diverse and globally geared

Green Curry! (Exotic)

8 thoughts on “Japan Pringle Mingle

  1. Why is Japan so creative?? North America really needs to step it up! I haven’t seen the curry Pringles yet, but I tried masaman curry cup ramen in Japan πŸ˜€


      1. Euc lollies? Is that eucalyptus? Haha that sounds awesome. I’m dying to try that…and vegemite! Somehow I’m pretty sure I’ll like them.


      2. Yep, you guessed right, it’s eucalyptus!
        They’re mentholy so I guess they’re good for your sinus?
        Well I don’t have any euc lollies,
        to give you unfortunately…
        but I’ve got heaps of Vegemite,
        so when you’re back you’re welcome to try!

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