Holy Granoly!

Usually, I’m not one for crunchy things
I rarely have chip or cracker callings

But lately I’ve been destroying tortilla chips,
cereal, granola and those quinoa sticks!

Can’t stop, won’t stop.  Actually I did stop… because they ran out… 😦

But here in Japan, granola is EXY!
Yum but laden with oil and sugar especially 😐

Here’s a recipe with no added sugar! 😮
Or syrup, or any kind of sweetener! 😀

Choconut crunch!

Healthy fats and grains are the go,
Only goodies in this granola bro! 😉

But careful because it’s highly addictive
It’s best to enact a sharing initiative 

Here’s what you need in the order you add the bits
Then, simply just mix it, flatten and bake it! 🙂

1. Mash bananas and mix in melted coconut oil
2. Add the goodies! I’ve got: oats, cacao nibs, cashew nuts, sunflower seeds, and flax crunch thingies
3. Mix it up!
4. Add in some cocoa/cacao powder
5. Mix it up again!
6. Spread and bake!

3 thoughts on “Holy Granoly!

    1. Heya Poptart! 😀Thanks for the drive by!
      I’m so sorry I don’t, I just threw it all in fly. 😶
      I could probably guess, but don’t quote me! 🤔
      I don’t want you to get a weird consistency…😮

      – 2 small bananas
      – a tbs or two of coconut oil (olive even! – if you don’t mind the taste)
      – 2 cups of oats
      – 1/2 cup each of
      – broken cashew nuts (any nuts)
      – sunflower seeds (any seeds)
      – Flax crunch cereal things (from enjoy life) (any cereal)
      – 1/4 cup of cacao nibs
      – 2? Tbs of cocoa powder/cacao powder
      (If it looks too wet, just chuck in more dry stuff, but you should be right, just eyeball it!) 👍
      P.s. Sorry for the worst instructions ever! 😳😱🙇🏻
      X let me know how it goes! 🍫❤️🍭🐣🙊🐨

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