Ch-ch-ch-ch Changes!

In Japan being “plant based” isn’t a widespread concept 
Many Japanese can’t comprehend it, let alone accept

Before I came to Japan, I was in fact – vego
but my morals took a hit to appear more ‘mellow’

In Japan, “enkai’s” (work parties)are on the regular
So it’s better not to be seen as a “picky” eater

Meat is easy enough to avoid, maybe
But fish is in everything, in the form of “dashi” (fish stock)

It’s always irked me ethically
and I do like the taste of meat, unfortunately

Hello Friend!

But for a while, I’ve been soul searching
and I realised I can’t continue to destroy the living

For the LOVE of ANIMALS!

Sentient souls and living beings
deserve freedom to continue feeling

Ideally, vegan would be the best
Milk, I’ve already given a rest
I’ve also found soy yoghurt during this quest

From now on, I love plant yums!

Currently searching for free range eggs
If they’re unavailable, then eggs are a neg

Just a fraction of the plant based gorgeousness we can eat!

With that being said, in a round about way
the last few weeks, I’ve had meat on a few days

Including our foodie squad’s regular meet ups
home made goodies, that were tough to pass up

Plus some reviews, which will be my last meat posts
from then on, it’s plant based to the utmost!

OVER! (source)


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