Outback Steakhouse Shibuya

I’ve always been curious of Outback Steakhouse
Is it what American’s think is grouse?

After all, it is an American restaurant chain,
but this one’s in Japan, so would it be more strange?

I always wonder about portion sizes too
because everyone’s version of appropriate is skewed

Decor seemed to be quite standard
Aboriginal art and boomerangs could be gandered

Not sure if that’s cultural appropriation
Let’s just leave that one a question

Couldn’t decide what to get
Obvs wasn’t healthy, but I thought – what the heck!

I’ve always loved lamb,
but it’s really hard to find in Japan

My mate’s rack of lamb

In the end I went with grilled salmon
It’s always a fave, and a superfood champion!

Amazeballs bread and butter

The bread was good, soft and kinda sweet
and the whipped butter was amaze with the wheat

To be honest the salmon was a bit dry,
the veg was so soft it was almost purified

Kinda dry grilled filet of salmon, kinda mushy veg and rad mash with tartare sauce!

the mash was delish but I’m sure it’s full of butter
I tried not to eat it but I’m such a sucker

Dessert was a definite, as full as I was
‘Thunder from Down Under’, just because!

The Thunder from Down Under!

This was delish, I was so happy
a tower of ice cream and cream appeared before me

Sprinkled with lashings of chocolate sauce
This warm, chockie brownie garnished with chocolate curls of course!

Dessert I would definitely get again,
a bit exy but it’s a once in a while spend


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