Sushi Quickie

Around March or April, in Japanese work places
there are mandatory personnel changes

It’s called “Jinji Idou” and it’s both good and bad
It can bring joy and fresh faces, but it can also be sad 😥

Within whatever your jurisdiction
Company, prefecture or affiliation

Staff can be moved without their say
I guess it keeps things fresh, in a way

(Not sure if this is true, but it’s hearsay)
Apparently it’s to keep the union away 😐

But sadness abounds because many loved ones
are moving or retiring, and new people will come

That being said, it’s currently exam time!
so working lunches are deemed fine 

A few of the peeps at one of my schools
Invited me out for lunch and we carpooled


Went for Kaiten Zushi or (Sushi train)
because it’s fast, cheap and always entertains

I was curious to see who would eat the most
I can usually do 11 or 12 plates at most

But weirdly, this time, I was the lightweight
maybe because I hadn’t had meat as of late

Smashed all the sushi! 

It’ll be sad to see one of them go 😦
but that’s how it is, I’ve gotta go with the flow


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