Foodie Squad

***In keeping with my plant based eating
this is the last of the meat related feasting***

(This weekend was tough veg wise, as Guamie had a do)
Everything was meaty, and he made legit Filipino food!

Guamie’s Harumaki (Lumpia!)

Guamie made Lumpia (which are Filipino spring rolls)
and Takuya’s nan made her authentic gyoza of old

Guamie’s Lumpia (that I helped roll!) – Mine are the weirdly shaped and oddly sized ones 😛

Eating plant based in Japan is not easy
and my friends are omnivores entirely

so as hard an adjustment as it’ll be
I’ll have to keep my choices cruelty free
while I’m in my friends’ good company

I’m definitely NOT proud of these slip ups in responsibility
Delicious as they were, guilt took my loyalty

Guamie’s Harumaki Party: Takuya’s nan’s gyoza (single) then the bunch, Becca and Hiro’s nikuman, Becca and Hiro’s OKOWA and the roast veg I made (there was more but I ate it – there was a combo of kabocha squash, carrot, leek and Japanese sweet potato)

But today is a new day, I’ll continue onwards
I’ll learn from my mistakes, only upwards and forwards

Slip ups 😥 *We Cool?*


There’s no other way to describe these guys
Foodie Squad is exactly what it implies

foodie fam
Artisan Candyland’s (ridiculously photogenic) Foodie Fam. Although I look like I’ve hulked out for some reason

Regular pot luck rounds are what we do
and we like to hit up restaurants and that too

First it was Bridgey’s – in lieu of her housewarming
It was October last year, the weather was cooling

Bridgey’s – Clockwise from left: Jess’ AMAZING homemade French Baguette, Bridgey’s asian stir fry + pot stickers, and the cheesecake that Guamie bought!

Then it was at mine, I forgot to take photos
Vegan mushroom stroganoff, and weirdly – vegemite toast

@Artisan Candyland’s – Vegemite Toast Virginity: realtime reaction montage! Vegemite verdict? GREAT SUCCESS! (Borat voice)

Next one around, it was just before Chrissie
Jess had us over for a delicious xmas feasting

Jess’ AMAZING Xmas feast 2015! (incl- from scratch – roast chicken, roast veg, gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and Aaron’s pear, parmesan and rocket salad!) + Takuya and Bridgey’s amazing cheesecake from somewhere and lattes courtesy of Jess’ Nespresso machine! – I made ugly yet healthy superfood cookies (not pictured) + Guamie brought the booze

We broke for the holidays, but back we are
We broke in Guamie’s new pad, at the beginning of March!

Guamie holding Bridgey’s amazing chockie cheesecake, the chockie cheesecake close up, the squad 
Vegan bloob cupcakes I made for Guamie’s

I wonder what’s next, or to whose we will go?
I hope there’s vegan fare or at least something vego!


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