Vanitoy Bagels

You can call me the Queen of Carbs
They’re my first choice when I’m feeling starved

Bagels are a fancy bread
and in Japan aren’t so widespread

The baked apple cinna bagel with cream cheese and extra cinnamon (pre-vegan) πŸ˜€

But near where I am, there’s this place
that’s a bagel store slash cafe space

Baked apple Cinna up close! (SAH good!)

They make them fresh, for you to enjoy
‘err day bagels n coffee at Vanitoy

Nutty-choco bagel with peanut butter schmeared on (without the pb it was only aight)

Here’s a selection of bagels I got a while ago
Earl grey, baked cinna-apple, the “Kawagoe” spesh, and nutty choco

The “Kawagoe” Bagel – Kawagoe sweet potato + cream cheese (plus extra cream cheese and pomegranate arils) – pre-vegan (The Kawagoe Bagel is always a winner) πŸ™‚

I toasted them to perfection
then spread ’em with deliciousΒ additions

The Earl Grey Bagel with some cinna-cream cheese (My high hopes were dashed – it was only ok…) 😐

I highly recommend a visit
if you’re in Kawagoe, don’t miss it!


2 thoughts on “Vanitoy Bagels

  1. An earl grey bagel?? Cool! I had an earl grey donut the other day hehe. I’ve never had a bagel in Japan before, but I’ve heard that you can find a lot of crazy flavours, like watermelon πŸ˜›

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