Camp Crazy!!

I dunno about you guys
but the last camp I went on, was through a kid’s eyes

However, here I am, back in the game
but this time it’s not quite the same

I went on “Camp Crazy” as a teacher
teaching English was the main feature

Out to the inaka, we traipsed
actually, it was close to where I was placed

Three days and two nights luckily – sans problems!
Never-ending fun and the kids were awesome

Technically, the theme was Disney
but in the end it became “Crazy”!

Team Poca’s cute little letters

Somehow my “excited” voice and flouncing
meant, “Yuko is Crazeeeeeeeeeh!!!” was what all the kids were thinking

It seemed like they liked it heaps though
the kidlets got energy from the ALT show

They didn’t just sit quietly like a potato
Seemed like they had fun! (as far as I know) 😉

Photo Cred: Serena and her cool as spherical camera ❤ Disneyfied ❤

Every JET was to play a different Disney character
Aladdin, Peter Pan, Mickey, Minnie, Cinderella, Stitch, Alice (in Wonderland), Nemo, Pooh and Pocahontas registered

We all had a group of 8 or 9 kids
to guide, teach and play games with 

“You’ve Never Seen an Extraordinary Princess Like Her…” (Poca Play)

The camp was filled with English games
all of which were (clandestinely) debate aimed

We played Werewolves, Clue(do), and did a play
the kids had to explain why their character was more than just ‘Ok’

Photo Cred: Serena’s SpheriCam Post Werewolves Snap

Being a camp – I was afraid, there’d be nothing to eat! 
But surprisingly, they catered vegan just for me! 😀

It was only three days but we were pooped
and I’ve got one day before the next one to recoup! 😮


3 thoughts on “Camp Crazy!!

  1. Woo I’m in Japan!! Okay I have a question for you! You have to eat school meals everyday right? I’m starting a new job so I really don’t want to offend anyone or do the wrong thing! How did you handle the whole vegan and kyushoku thing?


    1. Hey there hun!
      Actually I’m working at high schools so I’m exempt from school lunch…
      It’s quite a tough one,
      but the best thing you can do is tell them as soon as you can!!!

      Be explicit and maintain politeness
      but just give them heaps of notice!!!

      There was one vegan jet here,
      but she was also a highschool-er
      and she only stayed a year

      Good Luck Elle!
      You’ll do well!


      1. Thanks for the advice! I’m working at a middle school here. All the teachers are served the kyushoku, too. Maybe it’s unusual! I’ll do my best 🙂


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