Camp Nickname

Last night, I got back
from the second camp I had 🙂

This one was a fair way away
we went for two nights and three days
there was even a couple of buffets! 😮

This camp was heaps eventful
but it made it more special

We went all the way to Fukushima
probably far from the disaster area 


The place was called British Hills
it was full of Britishy thrills!

Guamie-gate the sequel

The complex was very Hogwartsy ❤
You must go there immediately!

OMG! Actual CLOAKS! 😮

They even had cloaks! 😀
Everyone was stoked!

Day 1: Welcome Dinner – Supposed “Vegetarian” Course….

The food was deliciously amaze,
but there was a bit of confusion on some days…

Breaky Day 2: Yay Vegan! Veggies sautéed in a tomatoey sauce, a hash brown, baguette, salad and canned fruit?

Pesco, vego, vegan – which one?
but eventually I won! 😀

Dinner Day 2: 2 Students’ had birthdays! Hence the red velvet cupcakes! Fried rice, tomatoey penne, soup, and a fruit cup!
Breaky Day 3: Veggie sanger with caramelized onion, marmalade on a baguette, and a roast veg dish!
Day 3 Lunch: Buffet style vegan = pizza and crinkle cut chips with tomato sauce, giant salad, smaller salad, grilled veg with a balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing, fruit and raspberry sorbet!

The kids were so eager to learn
every night, it was near impossible to ajourn!

We had a scavenger hunt and a pub quiz
everyone is now a Britishy Whiz!

From my excessive prancing and gallivanting
because I was trying to be enchanting :p

My “sprained foot” – missed day 2’s lunch 😦

I thought I broke my toe 😮
turns out it is just sprained though! 

Surrounded by awesome

The kids broke into groups
or a performing drama troupe!

Snow White ❤

Our team did Snow White
and we won best drama outright! 😀

Photo cred: Serena’s rad SpheriCam “Shake-Sphere”

First it started out as a game,
but somehow we all got nicknames

Mirror = Soph, Crowned = Me, Cute = Serena, Red Riding Hood = Jaa, Bunny = Guamie, Ninja = Kel

it caught on like wildfire
and I think kids were more inspired 🙂

Overall it was GREAT SUCCESS! 
(Imagine Borat when you read that, yes?) 😉


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