Gimme mo Sweet Potato

So it’s quite well known
that I run the Sweet Potato zone

Most of the things I cook look gross
but taste is the thing that matters the most!

Food prep (like everyday) 😛
More food prep – dry roasting veg

A mate and fellow halfer called Elle!
who’s also a blogger and is rad as hell

Baked purple sweet potato, teriyaki mushrooms, eggplant and edamame on a bed of alfalfa

is gonna link up with me for this
so we can double the sweet potato bliss!

Baked Anno Imo (安納芋) with smashed avo, edamame and snap peas

Japan has many different types of Sweet Potato
although, sometimes I do miss Kumara’s for sho 😥

Looks and sounds gross but is so delish: baked purple sweet potato (紫芋), vegemite and avo

Here are a few things I’ve cooked up
Sweet potato is always the star of my line up

Baked Anno Imo with vegan avocado pesto, roasted asparagus, and dry roasted cauli liberally showered in turmeric

I even eat it when I’m out
Sweet potato pretty much lives in my mouth 😛

Fancy Sweet Potato Kaiseki I went to in Kawagoe with Dad while he was down 😀
Happy Vegan Dad ❤

8 thoughts on “Gimme mo Sweet Potato

  1. All your dishes look so awesome! Purple sweet potato and avocado?! That’s such an incredible combination. I never thought of adding on avocado but that sounds sooo good! And that restaurant! Sweet potato kaiseki? Seriously? I have to go there!!


    1. Totes loved your sweet potato post!
      I really wanna try those sweets for sho!
      Haha thanks heaps!
      Avo seriously goes with everything I eat!
      Yeah it was a suteki kaiseki!
      It wasn’t all vegan
      but 90% ok I reckon.
      If you’re ever down this way,
      we can make the trek to Kawagoe!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Not just avocado on sweet potato, but VEGEMITE! As an Aussie living in Japan. That has got to be the best use of Vegemite in Japanese cuisine yet. I’ll be using some dried Vegemite powder soon in a recipe I’ve been working on! Have you tried the sweet potato soft drink in Kawagoe? Not the best use of sweet potato in my mind, But the Sweet potato fries there are awesome! Cool ideas Artisan candyland!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Jas!
      Thanks heaps for the follow mate! 😛

      Haha avo and vegemite on a sweet potato was an accident,
      I ran outta toast, so it fixed the predicament! 😀

      Omg I didn’t even know such a thing existed!
      Powdered Vegemite? How could I have missed it!

      You can buy regular vegemite at Kaldi
      it’s a foreign food chain store all over the city!

      Haven’t had the sweet potato fizzy drink,
      I imagine it tastes like butter beer and is disgusting? 😛

      Do you live quite close to here?
      Let’s hang out if you’re ever near! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha. No problems mate! I get my Vegemite from Kaldi too. I make the dried stuff, heaps easy to do, just let it air dry for a few days. I’m posting the method and a recipe using it either tomorrow or Sat.
        I live in East Tokyo, near Chiba, but work in the city.
        Always happy to have a chat with a fellow foody and Aussie, so If I ever head out your way, i’ll let you know. Same goes for you if you ever visit the East side!


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