The First Vegan Obento Show

Here’s another installment of the Obento Show
My lunches probably haven’t changed much since I went vegan though

*Roast purple sweet potato, Japanese pumpkin and asparagus. *Soy yog parfait with pineapple chunks and granola chucked on *Aussie crimson grapes and baby carrots

Except the switch from greek yoghurt to soy yoghurt
It’s less thick, cruelty free and easier on my wallet

*Edamame and half of a baked purple sweet potato *Carrot and cucumber sticks *A tiny banana

It’s so easy to cook now, without animal products
If someone says it’s hard, that’s just bollocks

*Baked Anno Imo (Some kinda sweet potato), wilted spinach and edamame Soy yog chia pudding with Thompson grapes chucked in

What do ya’ll usually eat?
Do you bring lunch or hit the street?

*Baked Anno Imo and broccoli pilaf with hemp seeds sprinkled on top *Soy yog with pomegranate arils and pineapple chunks

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