One of my radΒ J friends’
went to Mexico and back again

He went to study Spanish, and travel too
before his full time job ensued

as a “welcome back” and “congrats” as well
we went out for coffee and a frolicking spell

mexikicks coffee
Iced Soy Latte ❀

I made him some vegan bloob and acai cupcakes πŸ™‚
just because I wanted to bake

mexikicks cupcakes
*Left: Bloob cupcakes *Right: Bloob cupcakes with acai Icing!
mexikicks cupcakes close-2

Plus,Β to keep him salary-man-ning πŸ˜€
I gave him treats that were actually clean eating

frame mexikicks
Friend Framer ❀

He brought me back this thoughtful gift ❀
to add to my walls, that are plastered with pics!


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