Baan Rim Pa

What else says FriYAY,
more than Thai food at the end of the day?

baan rim pa 2
Laad Naa and Som Tum

Found this tiny hole in the wall
in Shinjuku San Chome, it’s called

Baan Rim Pa, which I think means,
“The House of Aunty Rim” (the Queen)

I call her that because she seemed so regal
strong and ladylike, not at all feeble

It can be hard to find vegan fare,
unless it’s vegan only there

but here, I think it was quite easy
altering the meals was super breezy

baan rim pa 4
Som Tum! 😀

Som Tum is Thai papaya salad
tart, sweet, and spicy all on your palate

The entree was so good and it came in a mortar
it was a super legit and delish order

Next I had “Laad Naa” (in Thai)
Fat rice noodles smothered in gravy and stir fried

I asked for no meat and heaps of vegetables,
it was deliciously GIANT and INCREDIBLE!

baan rim pa 3
Gravy Noodles – post mix!

I highly recommend this place
but there are only 10 seats in this tiny space!


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