Green Food Festa

Golden Week was off to a rad start
with the Vegan Fest in Ueno Park!


Tiny and right next to the fountain
little stalls full of vegan food were aboundin’

Had to have a little squiz
EAT EVERYTHING was the plan (for shiz)

Shio and I made the trek
although it wasn’t as far as one could expect

The Ain Soph Ripple Stall πŸ˜€

Had my eye on the Ain Soph Burger
got right in line with great fervour

ripple burger
Bae ❀

Shio went for the Kebab,
it was a hard decision, but the burger was fab πŸ˜€

The Kebab Stall

She also got the Matcha soy bubble tea
that I got at Earth Day, and showed ya’ll last week

Shio + Kebab Sanger
The Kebab – it was aight

Afterwards decided to get a slice of pizza
looked really good, but tasted way shittier

Looked great, tasted shite 😐

Shio decided to get some Gyoza soup,
which looked ok, but I felt too hot to

Overall it was a baller day
Delicious and summery, and super yay! πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “Green Food Festa

  1. Whaaaa? I didn’t know about this! That must have been so awesome! I’d love to go to a veggie fest in Japan sometime. I’ve got to do a search and see if there’s another one coming up any time soon!


      1. Yeah, everything’s all good! We had a quake at school and then another one last night when I was at home. There were a couple more aftershocks early this morning, but no problems! How about you?


      2. Yeah! Rather than the earthquake, everyone at the school was more worried about this car theft that had apparently just happened at knifepoint. All of the teachers got these notices on our desks. It’s such a rare thing here that the school was super concerned about it! No one even mentioned the quakes hahaha


      3. hehe I know! Back in Vancouver, I can’t imagine schools handing out notices to everyone just because a car was stolen πŸ™‚


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