The weather has been lovely lately,
I think summer has come early

Strollin 2
From the bridge in the “Japanese garden” part of the park

It’s been sunny and 25-30 degrees!
With a tantalizingly light breeze!

Strollin 3

Of course I’m talking celsius
(Get on metric with the rest of us!)

Strollin 4

Strollin 5
Apparently Japanese people say ghosts come out of these weeping trees! Scary! 😮

Ambling around Shinjuku Gyoen,
was the perfect decision

Strollin 8
Looks like a giant Bonzai

Here are some scenes from the weekend
It’s pretty much 90% green!

Strollin 7
Capturing the beauty – because WHY NOT? 😀
Strollin 6
Impromptu yoga? Or…. sick of lugging that suitcase around Tai? 😛

Although this heat, around this time
are more worrying Global Warming signs… 😦

Strollin 9
Chillin’ 🙂

Apparently tipping point will occur soon, 😥
2º which we can’t reverse, on the 6th of June.

strolling 11
A tiny blue butterfly landed on his toe! 🙂 ( ❤ Toms – Vegan 1 for 1 shoes! ❤ )

C0² levels have never been higher
The state of the earth is irreversibly dire

Scary AF, but I’m doing my best,
A green AF vegan trying to school the rest




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