Random Eats Reel

In Japan, trying to alter menu items
will leave waiters and waitresses weirdly frightened

random eats reel 9
Costco runs with Nats (cute as a button!) 🙂
Random Eats Reel 3
My new costco food – a green juice and salad – wasn’t too bad, wasn’t great though (it’s no costco pizza)

That, or they’ll flat out say NO!
which is the opposite to back home…

random eats reel 6
Above: Normal Pad Thai, Below: Vegan Pad Thai
random eats reel 14
Post Bouldering Thai Food!
random eats reel 17
The Vegan Pad Thai (all noodles and cucumber haha)

Going out to eat at a non vegan place,
can be like trying to walk in outer space 

Random Eats Reel 2
Some sort of salad – and the peanut was a chopstick rest!
random eats reel 8
You can’t see how big this (supposedly 1 serve) udon was
random eats reel 7
Monstrous udon somewhere in Ebisu
random eats reel 10
Monstrously delicious!

Beforehand, I usually just eat something small
and go with low expectations overall 😐

random eats reel 11
Somewhere in Shibuya – loved this place! Organic vegetables and they altered the menu for me! 😀
random eats reel 13
QUICK I’m gonna snap a pic while you’re mouth is full! 😛
Random Eats Reel 4
The altered appetizer thing! AMAZING tofu and tempura kabocha (the original were two seafood dishes) 😀
Random Eats Reel 5
The appetizer and amazing salad
random eats reel 12
Don’t think that cream thing was vegan – but it was vego!
Random Eats Reel 1
AMAZING SALAD (all organic veg!) – plus loved the bowl! 😀

Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised 🙂
Other times I just gotta roll my eyes… 😐

But that’s how it is, here in Japan
where everyone eats everything, and everyone can

Here’s some eats that I’ve mishmashed
into this post, I decided to smash


2 thoughts on “Random Eats Reel

  1. Aw everything looks so fantastic! I absolutely love kabocha tempura. Looks like you’ve been to some awesome places. So jealous!! At least I discovered a tempura restaurant last Sunday with natto kamameshi hehe. So happy 😀


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