Ain Soph Ripple!

Tiny and hidden away
Down one of Korea Town’s alley ways

ain soph ripple 7
The shop front

Kind of in Kabukicho
Near Shinjuku’s red light district core

ain soph ripple 3
The doorway to deliciousness

I tried another vegan gem
It’s an Ain Soph (remember them?)

ain soph ripple 4
The stand menu

This one is more Cafe style,
with a cooler, relaxed and natural profile

The menu is super American
burgers, burritos, and heaps of good eatin’ 😉

ain soph ripple 6-2
My “Cheeseburger” doin’ the Gangsta Lean 😛
ain soph ripple 6
Cheeseburger: bean patty, grilled onion, tomato, lettuce, cheese, avo, “Aurora sauce” (Thousand Island sauce) 😀

Took ages to decide but I finally got
A vegan cheeseburger, with basically the lot

ain soph ripple 5
Gotta get close! 😮

Plus a salad, because why not
Also because I’m such a big shot 😛

ain soph ripple 2
Mexi -bean salad 🙂

Gonna have to go back for sho
There’s also French toast and waffles you know!

ain soph ripple 1
Lunch Goals!

Also haven’t tried all the other burgers
and didn’t get a chance to have a burrito either

Did I mention they also have Tiramisu?
Mason jarred – it’s convenient and fancy too!

Overall absolutely loving the chain
Ain Soph – defo gonna go again! 😀


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