Choc covered Strawbs

Was talking to a mate of mine
who made something that sounded divine!

chic covered straps 7

I loveΒ EVERYTHING smothered in chocolate
and right now it is strawb season, isn’t it?

chic covered straps 9
Preparing – closer πŸ˜›

Really felt like something sweet
(I always do, I can’t help it)

chic covered straps 6

All you need to make the chocolate shell,
is cocoa powder, maple syrup and coconut oil

chic covered strawbs 2
Et Voila! πŸ˜€
chic covered strawbs 1

melt the oil and mix it in
then dunk theΒ washed strawberriesΒ in

chic covered strawbs 4
Had extra chocolate shell – so I made some cereal and nut clusters! πŸ™‚
chic covered strawbs 5
chic covered strawbs 3
They were kind of like chocolate crackles

chill them for a bit in the refridgerator
then accidentally eat them all, and leave none for later!


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