Ain Soph Soar! (Squared)

Being in Saitama, Ikebukuro
is to me, the closest part of Tokyo

Ain Soph Soar brunch 1
The Spring Salad Set + Tomato Soup + Baguette!

So obviously, upon finding this place, I was ecstatic
Ain Soph Soar is my vegan place on automatic

Ain Soph Soar brunch 2
The Pancake Plate + Pickles + Fried Seitan “Chikn” and leaves :0

Having gone last time for dinner with Bridge
I thought, wouldn’t brunch be a fun and delicious switch?

ain soph soar brunch 6
Brunch with Kira!

So off we ventured, Kira and I
for some vegan eats that were simply to die

As is custom in Tokyo, lunch is always cheaper
Even if the food is exactly the same but earlier! 😮

What to expect, we didn’t quite know
But they didn’t disappoint at Ain Soph in Ikebukuro!

Ain Soph Soar brunch 5
The Salad!

We both decided to grab a lunch set, 
Everything sounded good, so we thought we’d share it!

Kira went with the quinoa spring salad set
Which came with soup and some crusty baguette! 🙂

Ain Soph Soar brunch 4
The Salad set – Top Down

I got the vegan pancake plate
Because = brunch, I’d like to believe that it was fate! ❤

After eating both, we were sufficiently stuffed!
The pancakes were like buttery clouds of fluff!

Ain Soph Soar brunch 3
The Pancake Plate – Top Down!

Oh my gosh, it was syrupy heaven, 
Plus the potato salad was undeniably bitchin! 😉

If you’re up north of the city, then hit it up!
You’ll wanna eat all of their stuff! 😀



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