Yog Log

As a kid, I hated yoghurt
I never saw it as dessert

Apple and Pomegranate

But my tune changed after I finished school
and now just the thought can make me drool

Being plant based, I thought – yogs out… 😐
but even in Japan, there are alternatives about!

Luckily, out of nowhere I found joy

enter – Japan’s crazy love of soy 😉

Soy yog, Chocolate PB2, almonds and banana – so yum! ❤

Soy yoghurt, you sexy minx!
Creamier than even greek yog I think!

Strawberry and Holy Granoly Granola!

Doesn’t have as much protein,
but it’s dairy free and full of beans! 😛

Lazy girl’s breaky: Yog, chia and strawbs 😛

But it’s cheap as chips and does the trick
when it’s mixed with fruit and chia, it’s hella thick!

Chocolate sauce, strawbs and enjoy life flax crunchies!

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