I very firmly believe,
that the best things in life are free

Otsuka 6
A spiritual Cityscape

My favourite way to explore
is just to wander out the door

Otsuka 5
Abandoned fortunes

It’s also my favourite way to travel,
discovering and seeing the city unravel

Otsuka 3
Temple Town

Decided one day to hit up Otsuka,
Hope you find it fun too, as a fellow blogger!

Otsuka 1
The little monorail that could

There’s a little monorail that runs through this city
Isn’t it just so itty bitty?

Otsuka 8
Such a pretty and peaceful place

Also stumbled upon this temple,
I felt so wonderfully peaceful

Otsuka 7
All the wishes

Here are some snaps from that days wanderings
It was a gorgeousΒ day, just spent meandering

Otsuka 2
A protector of the peace




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