Hummus Maximus

Even before I went vegan
hummus was one of those foods that would always beckon 

easy to make if you have a blender or food processor
just chuck everything in, wizz it and season for good measure

A giant tub of hummus and veggehs

It’s always good with veggie sticks
good eats when I’m a lazy bish

When I was back home, I ate my spirit vegetable
BEETROOT by far, eclipses the exceptional

Beetroot Hummus and avo on multigrain rye 😀

So i whipped up some beetroot hummus
I love the colour and the deliciousness

THE toast up close!

It goes really great on toast
Vegemite and avo as a team make a good host

Anyone else obsessed with beetroot, avos or sweet potato?
by themselves they pretty much make a rainbow
I could eat them all by the kilo


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