Fourth of July

I may be a mish mash, a cultural unicorn
but America wasn’t one of the cultures to which I was born

But thanks to the media, we were inundated,
with American pop culture, so I feel a bit related

I didn’t specifically go out of my way,
to celebrate American Independence Day

But we just happened to partake in a whole bunch of things,
that directly or indirectly correlated to star spanglings

Swaggering through Tokyo, it was an explosion of colour
found this “Bernie lily” amongst the summer flowers

fourth july 8
The Bernie Bloom (I may have added the chic eyewear) :p

All the excitement and I needed a treat!
Obviously, it had to be something sweet

fourth july 4
Party Pie! ❤

Did I mention that I keep amazing company?
I exist within a web of Masterchefs, luckily! 😀

America Day means Apple Pie, need I say more?
Actually yes, it was vegan and from scratch – not the store!

Fourth of July, albeit a couple of days before,
wouldn’t be right without a trip to the seashore

Lit some fireworks, (not real ones of course)
but little kiddie ones that were ‘conbini’ sourced.

fourth of july 9
Trying to light fireworks in windy weather = not recommended! :p Still had some sparklies 😀 but I can’t post videos! 😮

Some were impressive, some were a dud
mostly because our lighter was crud

The weekend wouldn’t be complete without burgers of some kind
headed back to Ain Soph Ripple – my latest vegan find

fourth july 3
Front – falafel burger, back – cheeseburger! Photo: PDT

I got the Falafel Burger and it was hella tasty
the hummus was baller and the falafel was crispy!

A baller weekend sums it up
Hammock stargazing with crumpet is what’s up.


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