The Birthday Bum

Now that I’m an adult, I don’t like to advertise
the fact that I’m getting old, yet not wise 😐

birthday bum 5
Thanks Alexaan! ❀ Original Tim Tams, Limited Edish Pineapple Tim Tams, and VEGEMITE! πŸ˜€

Particularly around birthdays and holidays,
life overseas becomes a homesick daze πŸ˜₯

Birthday bum 3
Thanks Nay! You made my day! ❀ Wallaby Superfood bars, Vegan Tim Tams, Vegan Mint Slice, PANA VEGAN RAW ARTISAN CHOCOLATE!, dairy free choc chips, Split pea tubes, RAW NOOD bars (banana cake and cacao flavours), SESAME SNAPS (ah memories!), and BBQ VEGE CHIPS!

But I know that I’m hella lucky, because everyday I’m reminded
ofΒ the love from farawayΒ family and friends, which is not to be blind sighted πŸ™‚

Birthday bum 1
The box of goodies from my parents ❀

Had a few care packages sent my way
let me tell you that they made my day! πŸ˜€

Birthday bum 2
Thanks family! ❀ Heaps of back issues of Sunday Life Magazine (it comes free in The Age), Nooch, Carob bits, two jars of Reduced Salt Vegemite (so dad), Mayver’s Super Spread, Vegan Sugarless Chocolate – mint, orange, almond and dark!

Such thoughtful gifts, to remind me of Australia
and vegan yummies for my own food fantasia! ❀

Birthday bum 4
Thanks for the vegan/low salt goodies dad! ❀ Nooch, carob bits and reduced salt vegemite!

My parents also slipped in some reading
Back issues of Sunday Life Magazine to accompany the eating πŸ™‚

birthday bum 7
Sugar free, Well Naturally sugar free vegan chocolate and Mayver’s Super spread! Thanks parents! ❀

Plus wonderful cards, so thoughtful and very “them”
I almost cried reading them,Β butΒ I laughed at the end πŸ˜€Β 

birthday bum 6
The card from my family. Dad = formal and curt. Mum = lovingly written in broken English. My brother Kei = written in by mum :p ❀

So to my wonderful family and friends,
Thank you so much and I’ll love you til the end ❀


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