The Studio Ghibli Exhibition

Back over to Mori, I can’t get enough
You could call me a pop culture buff


As a kid, I was raised on Ghibli,
The stories are filled with wonder and whimsy โค

All the flying machines from all the films flying through the Tokyo skyline

Perhaps dad also wanted to expose me to Japanese
Not to mention, the films are the bees knees!

ghibli museum 3
Teeny Tokyo Tower

ghibli museum 4

ghibli museum 2

I’d been to the Ghibli Museum before,
but as if I’d turn up another chance to explore!

ghibli exhibition 1
A working replica of the “Castle in the Sky” ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Here are some photos, from where we could take them
It was absolutely packed with memorabilia and fandom!


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