Eat More Greens

One of my favourite activities, you probably already know
is to amble around town, eat things and take photos

Eatery crawls are how I have fun,
and somehow we ended up in Azabu Juban

That can mean one of two things,
Frijoles or Eat More Greens, for the win!

I like Eat More Greens’ cozy atmosphere,
The vegan and vego friendly menu is also reason to cheer!

eat more greens 5
Corner couch table Photo credit: PDT

The corner couch table, made for a cozy dinner
the tea candle and nineties movie, were also a winner!

eat more greens 1
All the Hummus Goodness

I think everyone enjoys free stuff, amirite?
A bread basket with hummus, just made our night!

eat more greens 2
My Stew/Curry

For dinner, I got this curry bowl, but it was more like a stew
and mischief got a summer pizza, which looked delicious too

eat more greens 4

I’ve been there heaps, and I really love it!
If I hadn’t been so full, dessert would’ve been a hit!

***I knew when I walked in, something was askew,
and that’s because they introduced meat back to the menu***


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