Golden Oldies

Family to me, is really important
So here’s a post about my dad’s parents! 

Golden Oldies 1
My grandparents

As a JET, I was extremely lucky,
to have been placed so close to family

Golden Oldies 2
Full o flowers!

My grandparents live just 6 kilometres away
As often as I can, I visit them for the day

Golden Oldies 8
More flowers

To see them, it’s a nice winding ride,
through the Japanese countryside

golden oldies 9
A tiny shrine on the way there

Rice paddies, wild flowers and hidden shrines
are peppered along the path I ride

ValourHalla 6
Caught some pretty good Pokemon on the ride! (The Geodude was right outside their house!)
Golden Oldies 4
A rice field around June

When I arrive, always at 11.30,
They’re usually watching the travel channel on telly

Golden Oldies 7
They’ve been married 62 years and are still so loving and caring to one another #relationshipgoals!

I love to cook and I always make them lunch, 
Something new, but without too much punch

Golden Oldies 6
That time I made Pad Thai – spiced waaaay down!

As elderly Japanese people, they’re set in their ways,
Not really a fan of exotic flavours and taste

Golden Oldies 5
Decided to make them clam chowder

They don’t quite understand the vegan thing,
but they’re still curious and understanding

Golden Oldies 3
Their cute matching soup cups

It’s really nice to spend time with them,
Just being together removed from modern mayhem

If you have the chance, even if they’re far away
let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them k? 🙂


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