Bar Kitsune

This is a find, I’ll tell you that
Being somewhere vegan friendly to eat at

Here in the hidden recesses of Ebisu,
lies this hybrid restaurant, bar and club too

Bar kitsune 2
Hawkeye view of our sushi
Bar kitsune 1
The eating view

It’s called “Kitsune”, and that means fox
It’s so dark, it’s like someone whispered, ‘nox’

The venue itself has a bar in the middle, 
with a DJ booth from which lit tunes ripple

Bar kitsune 3
Roast asparagus Nigiri anyone?
Bar kitsune 6
Chargrilled eggplant & mushroom nigiri

On the perimeter, which is where we were seated,
was draped with red chiffon curtains ( sleek and unpleated)

Bar kitsune 5
Photo credit: PDT

We looked at the menu, but it was easy
Sushi for both of us looked peachy!

Bar kitsune 4
Photo Credit: PDT

I got a vegetable nigiri assortment,
Mischief got prawn sushi with saffron adorning them

It was delicious! The flavours were new and fresh,
This traditional Japanese dish had modernism enmeshed 

Bar Kitsune 8
Get in mah belleh
Bar Kitsune 7
That daikon one at the front was only ok. Rest were BALLER AF

To say that I wanted to eat more, wasn’t even questioned
but that was the extent of the vegan friendly selection

Bar Kitsune heading
Kitsune – get on it!

On another day, I’ll definitely come back
To hit up the dance floor and hear more rad tracks!


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