Genki Fan Sportyland

In lieu of the Olympics, we’ve got sport on the brain
So I thought I’d do a post in the same vein

Being a school ALT,
isn’t just teaching ABC’s

Genki Fan Sportyland 5
Another school about to kick off

We’re there to support, guide and comfort,
students when they’re both defeated and triumphant

Genki Fan Sportyland 2
A good game = good sportsmanship

So to fill my summer days at school,
I thought it’d be both hot and cool,

Genki Fan Sportyland 4
Friends not foes

To go and watch the kids compete
at round robins for their sporting teams

Genki Fan Sportyland 3
Setting up a corner

They did really well! (just so you know)
winning isn’t what’s important though

Genki Fan Sportyland 1
Hustle up and huddle!

Sportsmanship, team spirit and fun
Shows to me, that a game is won!

Genki fan sporty land 6
We got yo back boys

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