The She Fuji

Japan does this like no other
honouring the great Earth Mother

In Japan there are countless public holidays
to deservedly give nature praise

In honour of the first Mountain Day
I thought I’d reminisce and relay

Four friends and I, this time last year,
Actually I think it was Beach Day, to be clear

Decided to strap on our hiking boots,
and venture to Japan’s tallest, and most beautiful

Mount Fuji epitomizes Japan,
Majestically and photogenically, she stands

Now, if you get the chance to revel in her symmetry
from below, or above, admire her beauty

We took the bus from Shinjuku, 
at about 3ish, in the afternoon

Finally we arrived at Gogome 五合目
(or in English that’s the “Fifth Base”)

The She Fuji 15
Fifth Base: fed and watered, and dressed to impress

We wandered, we rested and we got a bite
Then we looked at souvenirs and energized

The She Fuji 2
Pre climb: feelin good, headlights on, shit tonne of SOYJOY bars for sustenance

We started to climb at about 9
It was cool so the conditions to climb were sublime!

The She Fuji 14
I think your headlights are on 😛

We weren’t going to stop at the 8th station,
we figured the sunrise would be our salvation

The She Fuji 13
6th or 7th base? Suffice to say it was early on because we still look presentable

It all went smoothly and wasn’t particularly hard
most of it was paved, we were climbing stairs in the dark

The She Fuji 12
7th or 8th base: still soldiering on

The hardest part was from 8.5 to 9
9 being the top, where we’d see the sunrise

The She Fuji 16
Cutie patootie base shop guy, suffice to say I was in love with him for that brief 5 minute rest stop

Not because it was particularly grueling,
but because it was so packed, a lot of the time we weren’t moving

The She Fuji 10
Smile pretty girls!
The She Fuji 9
We’ve stopped moving – that’s ok, we’ll do the Japanese thing and take photos

8.5-9 is only 600 meters,
but it took us a little over two hours 😮

The She Fuji 6
Near the top, before the break of day

the trail of headlights wound steadily to the peak
and we were told not to stop or take pictures or havoc we’d wreak 😮

The She Fuji 5
Just before sunrise

The break of dawn, itself, happened mid-climb,
But against the rules, we stopped to see the sunrise

The She Fuji 1
Admiring the Land of the Rising Sun from the tallest most point

We were above the clouds, and it was serene
Enjoying the company of Japan’s eternal queen

The She Fuji 8
Post sunrise and a little after that

The 9th station, or the top of Fuji San,
was absolutely freezing but had wifi for fun!

The She Fuji 7
It was the toughest all nighter I’ve ever pulled, but look at that view 😛 I think the guy that tried to take the photo wanted to get the sun too but – you can’t take photos into the sun! ah well, good try

We made the trek down, and I think that was more tough,
My quads and knees weren’t strong or hardened enough!

The She Fuji 11
Preparing for our descent.  (Usually I abhor these face masks but believe me – descending Mount Fuji – THE DUST IS REAL – GET A FACE MASK!
The She Fuji 3
The view down

But down we went, with rocks in our shoes,
and by 11ish, we were on the bus back to Shinjuku

It was a beautiful experience, with lovely people
So if you go, remember to keep the environment beautiful!


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