Pres Fest

I haven’t done a Deary Souveniry post in a while
mostly because of the change to a vegan lifestyle

It’s harder to give me food presents, 
because I mightn’t be able to enjoy the contents

From friends that are here or there
from work colleagues, or elsewhere

I’ve received these amazing and delicious goods!
from those who know me like only loved ones could

pres fest 5
With a tiny blue bow

This comes from school, my amazing home ec teacher
made me vegan muffins that are legit sakura flavour!

Next up, another home ec teacher, 
who was in fact, new this year

pres fest 9
What a lovely lady! I had no idea she could speak English before this note because we always conversed in Japanese!

gave me this traditional Japanese sweet
that she made herself at a workshop for treats!

Another teacher friend to spoil me was Nats!
She got me this awesome maple syrup!

pres fest 3
Fresh from Canada! Deluxe and fancy AF!

Then my beloved Bridgey, do you remember her?
She moved across the other side of the earth

She sent me these vegan chockies!
They came with a lovely postcard featuring flowers that aren’t poppies

pres fest 6
Bridgey’s vegan goodies!

Lastly mischief, cricket, or boo
one person who knows me like none other do

pres fest 4
I’m such a jam fan

Got me sugar free jam! (but he calls it jelly)
because he knows I love toast all up in mah belly 😀

I’m so grateful everyday,
that they care about me this way 🙂



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