China Town

Yokohama is prettyΒ well known,
The biggest China Town in Asia is in that zone

china town 5
The gate

Even though it’s fairly close,
It’s about a two hour train ride, three at most

I hadn’t been there since I’ve lived here,
but I decided to become a bit of a sightseer

china town 2

It was a hot and sunny afternoon,
went down there to meet up with boo

china town 4

Got a veg and noodle filled bao,
it was humungous and tasted, like… wow

My Bao right now in China Town

Walked around the most pristine China Town ever!
We also went and explored this temple together

china town 1
Temple Town

It was very ornately decorated
I wonder what it celebrated?

china town 3

If you’re ever in Yokohama,
Definitely hit up little China!


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