It’s the nature of the job,
It seems, in August the goodbyes never stop

Kira has reached the end of her “Super Jet” tenure
She’s off to Europe for another adventure

Ever the supportive, and amazing friend
she’s happy to try any restaurant I recommend

For the last dinner we’d have together in Japan
We went to a buffet place that’s “health in demand”

It’s called “Harvest”, and we went to the one in Ikebukuro
It’s on level nine of Lumine, on the buffet floor

Its handle is “natural food buffet”
90 minutes of “healthy” gourmet!

harvest 2
Salad (rad) x Round 1 (Top left -> Bottom right) tofu with okra (and bonito flakes – didn’t end up eating that), some sort of stir fried veg thing, cinnamony sweet potato, some sort of stewed corn (not good), sweet potato soaked in juice (weird), bad japanese hummus with nutmeg (weird), lotus root and yam tempura with ginger (rad), hijiki and soy beans (rad), some sort of pumpkin thing with soy meat (not the best)

I like this place because although it’s not vegan
It shows what’s in the food you’re eating

harvest 3
Raddest salad with mixed greens, capsicum, carrot sticks, cuke sticks, candied nuts and sultanas PLUS SOY CAESAR dressing! 😮 (had this x 2)

They do serve meat, but there are heaps of options
So I proceeded with a bit of caution

harvest 4
Round 2: More salad plus Takekomi Gohan! YUUUUUUUM

Found heaps of things that I could eat!
Some was great, but some was not that sweet…

harvest 6
Round 3: Japanese desserts! (top right -> bottom left) Wasabi mochi, kinako and matcha shiratama, SOY CREAM (YUUUM), and adzuki! – dessert was baller

Went back for three rounds and I was pleasantly surprised
because heaps of vegan friendly stuff caught my eye!

harvest 7
Kira Round 1 and Round 3

After we ate, we hit up the Jins
and tried on some glasses, what do you think?

harvest 8
Yay or nay on the glasses? I’ve been told they’re… “big”….

Way too soon, we had to part
Good luck Kira, for your fresh start! 


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