Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

All through August and a bit of July,
It’s the summer holidays, but on the flip side

work 8
The appreciation ceremony – we basically get handed our proof of appointment for the year (Thanks River for the pic!)

In Japan, we still have to go to school,
everyday (unless you take leave) – that’s the rule!

work 7
Lunch with Ren and Serena at the Board of Education Cafeteria after one of our Skill Development and Orientation planning meetings
work 9
Japanese cafeteria lunch attempted vegan style. Cabbage salad (God I hate cabbage – sans dressing), a tofu, carrot, mushroom and hijiki seaweed sauté, and Japanese style pumpkin, plus a green tea because- Japan. I’m quite certain I accidentally ingested some dashi but gotta make do when in Japan!

Now that I’ve been here for four years
Giving back to the community is my priority here

work 1
Info packs I made for my professional development workshop for JTE’s (Japanese teachers of English)

I want to share my expertise
and help other people with my Education degree

work 4
A seminar for the JETS at our Skill Development Conference (SDC). About 8 Sempai (Senior) JETS and I facilitated professional development workshops all day

Helping those around me – both Japanese teachers and Jets
because education, for the kids is the most valuable asset

work 3
Two vice principal’s and I were on an interview panel for prospective new English teachers. This is the view the interviewee would see! #IntimidationStation

So what have I done this past summer?
Here’s a bunch of photos, all in living colour!



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