We squad of foodies are like birds of a feather
So there’s no better time to get together

Shamaim 6
Full but we cool (we don’t regularly take pictures in alleys.  Just outside the restaurant.  Thanks Guamie for having the longest arms

Friday night, it was Jess’ birthday ❤
and we hadn’t seen each other since Bridgey’s going away!

We had a shit tonne to catch up on
Seeing as the summer is pretty much all gone

We schlepped down to northern Tokyo,
To Ekoda on the Seibu Ikebukuro

Shamaim 2
The exterior and interior (it’s always christmas!)

This little place is dear to our hearts, ❤
we’ve fine tuned our birthday parties to a fine art

If you like Israeli fare,
with an ethereal, natural and authentic air

Shamaim 4
1. The things to chuck in your pita 2. Soup 3. All the things + pita 4. The stairway to (food) heaven

then Shamaim is the place for you,
you absolutely must get the “ALL YOU CAN EAT” menu

Not to mention they cater for all,
There’s one with meat, and one for vegos y’all!

Shamaim 3
The first three pita pockets I captured with my main three – salad, hummus and falafel. Plus I added in all the things

The others got the normal buffet,
and I went with the vego one on Friday

Here’s the spread, it was divine,
and house made everything is hella sublime

Shamaim 1
The first spread – not pictured – saffron rice with lentils, meat kebabs for the others

You just keep ordering til your full
we had about four rounds of everything (no bull)

shaman 8
A box eye view of the cake

Seeing as it was Jess’ birthday,
Cake was the best way to end the buffet 😀

shaman 7
Birds eye view of the cake

I made her a cake, it was PB and J
with sprinkles on top (because FriYAY) 😀

I only had two candles sadly,
and they’d bent in transit, (but not too badly) 😛

Shamaim 5
Hey from us!

We finally remembered to take some photos
usually we have too much fun to remember those 😉

If you’re ever in Ekoda, it’s worth a visit
This tiny, yet delicious eatery got spirit! 🙂



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