Nice Cream Dreams

In Japan, there’s not much in the way of vegan ice cream
So I’ve made do with my own blended nice cream

nice cream dreams 5
Blending and Eating

I like to add heaps of yummy things 
to keep the flavours interesting

nice cream dreams 4
Chocolate protein nice cream with Kez’s granola and desiccated coconut

Here’s a couple I’ve whipped up this summer
It takes a while because my blender is a $40 bummer

nice cream dreams 2
Peanut butter nice cream with dark chocolate chunks, pecans and desiccated coconut
nice cream dreams 3
all mixed in

All you do is freeze the bananas
blend with some dairy free milk so it’s creamier

nice cream dreams 1
Chocolate, coconut and pecans

Then chuck in whatever you like
Being vegan does not equal an ice cream strike!


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