Seeing that now, I live inland,
I really miss the surf and the sand

Floats 1
The inlet

I mean I’m Australian, for fun’s sake
I’m like a multicultural ice cream cake!

Floats 2
Beach and Mountains

So it’s really lucky, that Kanagawa is two hours away
and all for a steep fare of about ¥2500, one way

Actually lucky though, is the weather we had,
Especially because the tail end of August was bad

Also lucky, are our sauntering skills
Our mad timing led us to the bottom of this hill

floats 9
Watching and waiting

What do we see in the crook of this cove?
It can only be described as a cultural treasure trove

Floats 3
Doing the rounds, neck deep yet safe and sound

A herd of Japanese men, and one Japanese woman
swinging a float from their shoulders and yelling in unison

Floats 5
1. The welcome wagon 2. Emerging 3. Checking left and right

The float itself was ornately decorated,
the woman, with her lantern and whistle dictated

Floats 6
1. Whistling 2. Welcoming

I loved that she also sported a boater
The crew waded through the jellyfish infested water

Floats 4
Strong and steady, holding it high but it looks heavy

Never tiring, their voices strong and loud
Heaving the float through the water, tall and proud

floats 7
The kids version

That is the strength of Japanese people
Teamwork, togetherness makes us friends and equals


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