Beach Please

It may be September,
but it’s still summer weather

beach please 11
Jellies in the rock pools

I always say, that there’s no better way
to be instantly happy, than by hitting the beach for the day

beach please 9
Gone Fishin’ (wasn’t me, nah nah nah nah nah nah nah)

Going to the beach is like a different environment
You’re a part of an anthropological, observation experiment

beach please 5
So clothed

The beach in Japan is quite a sight to behold
it’s not like at home where we wanna be gold

beach please 2
Ah young love ❤
beach please 4
Maharo (awwe)
beach please 1
Tent City

Instead, the sand is dotted with tents and shelters,
the ones that pop right up without helpers

beach please 7
This was a giant waterslide ride run by an Aussie guy

Also rashies are back, and they’re not just for kids
ICYMI, they’re cool and for kicks

beach please 6
Life savers 🙂

Beach style in Japan also involves heaps of make up, 
styrofoam heels, and the perfect blow out

Maybe you might consider going in the water,
But ONLY in the name of looking hella hotter



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