On the second weekend of September
Our school is struck with festival fever!

Ran around with my colleague’s 10 year old son all day. Played all the games a million times. Won a bunch of scented rubbers and bouncy balloon thingies full of water.
Shop front and interior decorating ideas

Each class and club have a different performance, food stall or event,
that is creatively designedΒ with imaginative content

We had four haunted houses this year. Not even joking! Obviously you can never be too scared at school.

Parents, friends and other people from the community,Β 
can come to our school to enjoy the festivities!

1. The interior of the M&Ms and Baskin & Robbins store 2. Loved how the Where’s Wally wall went up 3 +4. Not even sure what’s happening with the weird faced/weirdly hench 101 Dalmatians likenesses but i love it. 5. Japanese hospitality πŸ™‚

Every year the kids go all out,Β 
Cuteness is what Japan’s all about

1. I REALLY LOVE this girl gorilla drawing so much. 2 +3 + 4 + 5 – Awesome props for photo ops!

As I’m also a Vegan noob,
Sadly this year, I couldn’t eat the food

Attention to detail – even the bins were themed and prettied up! Making recycling cool again! (Who are we kidding, it was never not cool)

But the most important thing about Bunkasai
isΒ supporting the kids and watching them fly!

The “Best Class/Attraction/Store/Performance” winners (They sold bread in a Toy Story themed store!)
Saw this cloud with the sun behind it as I was leaving. It looks like a bird spreading its wings to me. It was the perfect end to a perfect day!

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